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SAMMY... I cannot say enough about how much Sammy and her family of Mermaids have helped me this past year-- all you need to do is serious "Suspend Your Disbelief" and trust her process. You won't be disappointed. -Andi, @AddiRockART

We already know what I'm gonna say, BOOK WITH HER! I have over three times, once with my last bit of change. I never regret anytime spent with her. She tells it like it is to get you results, and even if your not seeing them, she works with you til you do! - Anonymous Twitter Follower

I know I talk about @sammyyingram a lot, but you don't know how confident I feel right now about everything in my life, and it's because of her. No other wannabe coach has EVER made me feel like this. She is a godsend! -Anonymous Instagram Follower